A Kiss Amongst Strangers


A Kiss Amongst Strangers

A kiss amongst strangers
a kiss in a crowd
a kiss that can’t wait
a kiss that says now.

A kiss that’s so urgent
a kiss in the street
a kiss out of place
a kiss indiscreet.

A kiss full of hope
a kiss for all time
a kiss of such substance
a kiss shared divine.

A kiss amongst strangers.

© RebekkaSanchez2015

The Cybernaut


The Cybernaut

She didn’t play well with others
she had some abnormalities
she didn’t like the real world
she believed in her own reality.

She built herself a firewall
that no one’s ever breeched
obsessive-compulsive screen addiction,
a woman very hard to reach.

She only has eyes for the avatars
she won’t even meet you halfway
she already has what she’s after
on her Apple computer’s display.

© RebekkaSanchez2015

Magpie Tales 287

Ten Digits


Ten Digits

Ten digits is what I own
ten fingers, flesh and bone
not nine, not three
ten digits serving me.

Ten digits is what I use
ten fingers to amuse
two thumbs, eight fingers
ten digits that never linger.

Ten digits is what I love
ten fingers fit my gloves
ten phalanges help me so
missing one I’d surely know.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

The doctor is in, Dr. Seuss that is.

My first love of poetry and rhyming was because of Dr. Seuss! His books of fantasy and amazing art through rhyme influenced me greatly at that tender age.

Let’s see if I can to do him justice in this “Toads Play It Again” challenge.

Written with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads.

Shared with dVerse~Poets Pub on 3/15/16 for open link.

Bent Broke And Busted-A Blues Song


Bent Broke And Busted-A Blues Song

~opening music~

~first stanza~

I am bent and broken
they have taken every bit
I’ve tried too many times now
I just can’t live with it.

~second stanza~

My lover left me flat
found her sleeping with my friend
the blues they cut me deep
it never seems to end.

~nice blues guitar~


Bent broke and busted
no money in the bank
no one left to love me
only me to thank.

~huge guitar solo/break~

~third stanza~

I’m looking to be found
but finding I’m just lost
aware of how I failed
and just how much it cost.

~music rally~


Bent broke and busted
no money in the bank
no one left to love me
only me to thank.

Bent broke and busted…
Bent broke and busted…

~fade out~

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

If you write blues music and want to work on my song with me please contact me. Maybe we can do something with this?

Tweaked and shared with dVerse~Poets Pub.

Wool Socks


Wool Socks

The next morning
seeking food and espresso
our fingers touch
a current runs through us
it draws your eyes to mine.

Over the sound of our laughter
and the smell of burnt toast
our night of passion
replays in our minds.

Those eyes seeking my eyes in the dark
the lingering kisses
down my body
right there…
the physical weight of you on me
our moans music to our ears.

Wool socks is all
I wore to breakfast that morning.

The naked closeness
excited him
as she licked
sticky marmalade
from his fingers.

He gathered her up
but they sank to the floor
their urgent needs
send breakfast scattering.

© RebeccaSanchez 2015