Busy Bodies


Busy Bodies

Busy businesses bestow bargains
on beings bedazzled by big buildings
and beau-coup buying.
People board backfiring buses belching black
while buxom blondes barter businessmen
on Broadway.
Bankrupt buildings sit boarded up
behind back-lit bars
as the bar-bands bodacious bass
beckons bodies and backstreet betrayals.
A bedraggled beggar’s barbaric behavior
blurred by booze barfs his breakfast.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

An alliteration for Imaginary Garden With Real Toads Flash 55 Plus write.

16 thoughts on “Busy Bodies

  1. Very clever alliteration. But I can’t stand the flickering pics at the sides of your blog. Ever considered having a plain text version? Moving cartoons just irritate me but I believe they can trigger a seizure in some people with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

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