Superduper Duplex One Room Heaven


Superduper Duplex One Room Heaven

The sun cannot set on a day
that I don’t fantasize or daydream
about what goes on in houses
when one catches my eye
my mind follows.
What kind of people live there?
Do they care they have a house,
do they think about it?

At night I dream about houses
with yards and flowers
I think about what goes on in them
I am doing laundry at my house
broken machines in laundromats forgotten
my car safe in a garage
a white picket fence.

I am jealous of the people inside houses
I know that for those people
that get to live in real houses
during their lifetimes
all must surely be divine.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

Shared 3/6/2020 with my friends at earthweal for open link weekend #10. I was taking a class with WordPress in 2015 and that’s where the old comments come in. I still feel this way when I see a house that catches my eye.

20 thoughts on “Superduper Duplex One Room Heaven

  1. Most of my life, I have looked at houses and imagined and envied the lives inside, as only three times in my life have I had a home of my own, two of them trailers that I loved. I didnt get to keep them long enough. I so resonate with this poem. And love the image!

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  2. What is it about a house that catches our eye and sweeps the imagination into it? It’s a statement of caring presence and duration and safety, instincts I think we carry from childhood or the womb. Life takes so many of those things away on our road(s), and if outsides were truly reflections of insides, then an inviting house must surely mean a happy life. For the most part, we know nothing of the ghostly inhabitants of those houses; who knows, maybe they walked by our residences yesterday or next year, wondering, who lives there? – Brendan

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