Secret Sequoias



Secret Sequoias

I walked a wooded winding path
and where it led was so unclear
Sequoia trees were everywhere
and they were pressing very near.

Out of the corner of my eye
I spied a slowly moving tree
and then I saw another one
for they have now surrounded me!

Trapped inside with no way out
how long it’s been I cannot say
as long as trees are blocking me
I won’t escape these woods today.

As day gives way unto the night
I fell into a soothing dream
the trees were calling out to me
yet nothing was the way it seemed.

The light was warm and shining down
I stretched my arms into the sky
my feet were buried deep in Earth
I was so tall I know not why.

I watch the seasons come and go
the creatures making homes on me
nature’s way and simple needs
makes sense to a Sequoia tree.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2013

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