No More Honey

No More Honey

Doth the little honey bee
making life so sweet
diving into every flower
nature’s way complete.

Meets the bee from Africa
now fighting to survive
the honey bee gets overrun
no more honey in the hive.

Overuse of pesticides
spraying every bug we see
poison pollen in the fields
requiem for honey bees.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2013

Shared with earthweal open link weekend #9 on 2/29/2020.


8 thoughts on “No More Honey

  1. Apologies for taking so long a time to read and comment Bekkie.
    I worry about the bees too, and all other insect life that we don’t realise is bottom on a food chain – a food chain we don’t no we rely on…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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    1. It’s ok I’m just getting around to reading today! After that, I want to continue writing with earthweal I like the subject matter very much. Have a great weekend and good to see you!


  2. Hi Bekkie, so great to see you at earthweal. I wonder what a future generation will think of us, that we saw the bees vanishing and did too little to help them. How could we ever speak of verses blooming? Well done. Sorry the comment fray is light here, participating at earthweal is still pretty minimal. Best, Brendan

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    1. That’s ok, sometimes the best sites are like that. I used to have a prompt site and thought I gave some really good prompts (different each week) but it never got more than a few people linking up. I don’t know why it’s that way because I see sites with not so hot prompts getting tons of people participating. I never did find the right niche I guess. For me, it’s the quality of people running and linking with the sites. I wrote with groups where the people were very cliquish and it wasn’t fun. I look forward to writing with earthweal and like the content. I just need to play catch up after that I’ll write with your site again!


    1. Thank you so much!! Just doing some catch up reading today got behind last week. I’ll be around for future writes and articles. I totally believe the planet needs all the help and care it can get. Have a great weekend!


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