Secret Sequoias



Secret Sequoias

I walked a wooded winding path
and where it led was so unclear
Sequoia trees were everywhere
and they were pressing very near.

Out of the corner of my eye
I spied a slowly moving tree
and then I saw another one
for they have now surrounded me!

Trapped inside with no way out
how long it’s been I cannot say
as long as trees are blocking me
I won’t escape these woods today.

As day gives way unto the night
I fell into a soothing dream
the trees were calling out to me
yet nothing was the way it seemed.

The light was warm and shining down
I stretched my arms into the sky
my feet were buried deep in Earth
I was so tall I know not why.

I watch the seasons come and go
the creatures making homes on me
nature’s way and simple needs
makes sense to a Sequoia tree.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2013

Superduper Duplex One Room Heaven


Superduper Duplex One Room Heaven

The sun cannot set on a day
that I don’t fantasize or daydream
about what goes on in houses
when one catches my eye
my mind follows.
What kind of people live there?
Do they care they have a house,
do they think about it?

At night I dream about houses
with yards and flowers
I think about what goes on in them
I am doing laundry at my house
broken machines in laundromats forgotten
my car safe in a garage
a white picket fence.

I am jealous of the people inside houses
I know that for those people
that get to live in real houses
during their lifetimes
all must surely be divine.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

Shared 3/6/2020 with my friends at earthweal for open link weekend #10. I was taking a class with WordPress in 2015 and that’s where the old comments come in. I still feel this way when I see a house that catches my eye.

Busy Bodies


Busy Bodies

Busy businesses bestow bargains
on beings bedazzled by big buildings
and beau-coup buying.
People board backfiring buses belching black
while buxom blondes barter businessmen
on Broadway.
Bankrupt buildings sit boarded up
behind back-lit bars
as the bar-bands bodacious bass
beckons bodies and backstreet betrayals.
A bedraggled beggar’s barbaric behavior
blurred by booze barfs his breakfast.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

An alliteration for Imaginary Garden With Real Toads Flash 55 Plus write.



I am alone, askew,
naked as I first came into this world.
Flesh numb and nearly forgotten
I can smell the rotting vegetation
hear water nearby.

A deep peace comes over me as I
am liberated from the corporeal.
I can almost hear the ones that went before me
guiding me into the twilight.

You may have known this face, these hands,
maybe enough to call me friend.
This body has been loved and called lover
but this soul has passed.

Do not mistake the shell left behind…
as me.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

In Bloom


In Bloom

I want to bloom into a gazillion colors
I want weeds to flourish and take over my heart
I want my bones to opalize and shine
I want my silver hair to line a hummingbird’s nest
I want the worms to eat away the cloying flesh
I want to become a part of this meadow
to be a small part of natures way.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015