The breeze
                    caused by my
                                             movements caressing my body
and then fro.
                       Imagined fingers

exploring lightly like
                                   a lovers 
Errant hairs 
                                  my face and neck.

I swing 
                 and then fro
                                        as the Autumn afternoon wanes.

Not a cloud
                    in the sky
                                     I'm thinking of you.

Thinking of you 
                            touching me 
                                                   and effortlessly
I fly.

© RebekkaSanchez2015

15 thoughts on “Swinging

    1. Thank you so much that makes me smile! I am getting poems together for self publishing my first book. It’s going slowly but it’s going and this is my test site so I appreciate your comments. Hugs!


    1. I had it formatted in waves across the page but couldn’t make it happen with the WP word formatting so I had to be happy with this. It worked with html but the post background would show. ~sigh~ Thanks so much!

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