When My Baby Sleeps


When My Baby Sleeps

When my baby sleeps she mirrors an angel.
Arms folded over her ample bosom
hands clasped
as if in prayer.
Full lips, almost
moving with her words.
Her face-
so gentle, unadorned and innocent
her breath quiet and even.
Only the shadows around her show movement.

They silhouette my sleeping angel
malevolent and churning
when she sleeps they let her rest.

When she wakes she resembles a banshee.
Arms raised and breasts shaking in their quake
hands formed like claws
long fingernails vindictively,
Voluptuous lips pulled back
in a grimace
over that vomitous mouth
as she becomes like the bean chaointe
and the wailing starts.

When my baby sleeps she mirrors an angel.
Let’s not wake her just yet.

© RebekkaSanchez2015

Magpie Tales 291


45 thoughts on “When My Baby Sleeps

  1. I rotated and animated the image myself, I often change the prompt when I write about it.

    It’s nice of you to ask if I will share on Toads but no I’ll write something different as a matter of fact I need to go and see what’s brewing there.

    Always happy for comments from fellow readers/writers Jim thanks!


  2. Love it, Bekkie. especially “When my baby sleeps she mirrors an angel.”
    Our baby, a granddaughter now six, also mirrors and angel. Sleeping and awake.
    I came via Bjorn’s writing (BTW, he rotated the picture, or did you?). When I return to the Toads I’ll see if you came there with this. It was born to be shared.

    Liked by 1 person

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