Haiku #111515

2e742e5f-1969-4f75-a8c6-583cf8361b73_zpsd44dc420 (1)

haiku #111515

a purple daisy-
my thoughts like a whirligig
spinning petals of joy

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

Photography by Brendon Kent and written affectionately for Brendon Kent. Shared with Poets United on 3/26/17.

32 thoughts on “Haiku #111515

    1. I just took some photos of a purple daisy at my medical center! The one on my haiku was taken by a friend and they grow in the UK. I never saw one until then either they are so pretty!


  1. Ah,Livingstone daisies i presume…beautiful photo,wow,who did that lol !
    I love this haiku Bekkie,very nicely crafted…my favourite so far !

    in a willow’s shade
    a stream too
    has to whisper

    Tanka…Copyright – Brendon Kent 2015

    (the alliteration of ‘s’ sounds like the whispering stream……see if you can reach the end of the tanka without whispering lol)

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    1. I see what you mean! Now I know you saw my lesson from my writing class. Do a haiku and use alliteration…and I couldn’t figure out how! Now you have just shown me. Love you!


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