Seeking Silence


Seeking Silence

The sounds of silence are getting harder to find
all the noise in this world is just clouding my mind.
I long for the woods where the wild things are
a clean, peaceful place minus airplanes and cars.
When life was more simple and things took more time
and cities weren’t filled with the homeless and crime.
If I’m seeking silence to nature I go
where the fresh air is sweet and my mind can go slow.
I bask in the quiet held in nature’s sweet breast
then go home refreshed with my spirit at rest.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

An Imaginary Garden With Real Toads Write

11 thoughts on “Seeking Silence

  1. Wonderful thoughts here Bekkie.. Nothing like the silence of woodland, listening to just the wildlife.. Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas Bekkie.. Wishing you a Very Happy and Prosperous 2016.. May it bring you Happiness and Joy, good health and Peace…
    Love to you.. Sue xx ❤

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