Spring Dreaming


Spring Dreaming

On a warm cloudless evening she meandered
through a field of lush spring grass littered with bluebells
her bare feet welcomed the soft dew drenched carpeting.
She came upon a deep clear pool reflecting an indigo sky.
Mesmerized, she watched points of light shimmering on the surface.
On closer inspection she she spied a crescent moon and
riding on that lunula there was a smiling man in a top hat.
She was positive the tiny man was winking and waving at her,
“I am the man in the moon!” He proudly proclaimed in a very big voice.
Startled, she awoke and found herself in bed in the thick of winter.
Nonplussed she smiled to herself in the darkness
drifting back to sleep perchance to dream of spring again.

© Rebekka Sanchez 2016

Written with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.


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