39 thoughts on “Haiku #22816

  1. Fun Haiku, Bekkie. I swallow frogs whole, parted and fried first. A giant leap across the food chain.

    Swallow green frogs whole
    Part, clean, fry before eating
    Leap across food chain

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  2. I love the image, but it strikes me that you’re a syllable heavy in the second line. I think if you took out “Like” at the beginning, you have the classical form without touching the meaning.

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    1. It’s ok to be syllable heavy or even syllable shy because this is American haiku. Let me explain, haiku is a Japanese form and Japanese and English are not the same, therefore, they don’t have the same syllable count.

      I would not remove “like” but I did think of “like a frog hungry for prey” but wanted it a little stronger so I added “live” to it anyway.

      I still usually stick to the 5,7,5, if I can. Thanks for your comment!


      1. Yes, indeedy! Spring is a feeling. A handful of dark chocolate chips, a whiff of lilac, a hug from a friend, a trilling burst of birdsong, waking up from a great night’s sleep, a hysterical joke–it’s all transitory and delicious to experience, just like spring.

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