A Familiar Stranger


A Familiar Stranger

Little could I have fathomed
such an exquisite encounter
with a total stranger.
He smiled at me in the hotel bar
kind eyes, handsome, without ego.
I was a moth seeking flame
vulnerable with a single purpose
he seemed familiar to me
it was instant chemistry.
Our words were few
I took him to my room hungry
he reached for me smelling
of cologne and whiskey
crushing me to his chest
the first kiss made me muzzy.
Our foreplay was exquisite
naked flesh covered in goosebumps
mutual waves of bliss washed over us.
The harsh neon lights of the hotel sign
illuminating every sigh and nuance.
Spent and exhausted
we fell into a deep sleep
when I woke my bed was empty.
Ecstasy exchanged without names
no complications of a relationship
a familiar stranger, to remain an enigma.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads.

29 thoughts on “A Familiar Stranger

  1. a sensually, erotic glimpse into your own personal experience with the paramour side!
    i loved this read….felt as if i were watching a scene unfold across the screen…or through a window haphazardly left open.

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  2. I’m intrigued by some of the descriptors here (the harsh light of the hotel, the fatalistic moth drawn to the flame) which tinge what should and would otherwise be a pleasant evening with a bit of bite. It adds just the right amount of resignation to the mood of the piece.

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  3. I’ll echo what everyone else said–yep, you got bit by a Paramour–and that bittersweet venom will course in your veins forever. This encounter had all the surfaces, and the writing respect that by reflecting all of them. “Zipless” as Erica Jong called it. The vintage and proof remain potent forever.

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