Rain On My Mind


spring brings rain
rain brings flowers
rain on my mind


many rainy days
my unused bicycle
glares at me


walking in a storm
gust of wind
steals my umbrella


rain on the bay
San Francisco
plays hide and seek


caught in a downpour
raindrops tap me on the shoulder
they say, “get inside”

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Haiku Horizons and Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.

44 thoughts on “Rain On My Mind

  1. rain on my mind. When I was a teenager, I would ride my horse and sing “Raindrops Keep falling on my head”… and on a hot summer day, when a gentle down pour would breeze its way in – riding horses bareback was so much fun. 🙂 Thanks for the flashback.

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      1. It keeps me in shape, improves the mood and I have fallen in love with it. I bike one day on and one day off. I am disabled (very bad knees) and can have some trouble walking at times so biking is my savior. My bike is 30 years old now! Do you use it as transportation or pleasure?


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