Silver Haired Crusader


Silver Haired Crusader

The world was sad
with troubles galore
who will save the day
and stop the horror?

The law’s corrupt
the gun law killed
budget is slashed
who fits the bill?

She fears no one
she’s tough as nails
she gets jobs done
she’ll never fail.

Silver Haired Crusader
stay out of her way
fights for your rights
she will save the day.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Poets United and Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.

33 thoughts on “Silver Haired Crusader

    1. No! When I first saw your comment I thought “Silver Haired Crusader” and here you are. This describes you to a T then. I think that’s so cool we need more like you, silver is quick and furious! Lol! I’m an old hippie wannabe. So nice to make your acquaintance!


  1. We need crusaders who stand up, who can share their voice – and respect those who disagree. Not everyone’s voice is always correct – their views the right course. It is the mean spirited fighting that does not allow discourse and therefore, solutions.

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