Under the ship-of-night (moon)
a lone head-twister (owl)
was watching a figure
sitting near a bane-of-wood. (fire)
The rune-caller (wizard)
sat deep in thought
he had lost his mind’s-worth (honor)
the proclamation was swift
banishing him to his death
in this weather-of-wolves. (harsh winter)
He had no options left
reaching into his bag
he brought forth the dragon’s-bile (poison)
put it to his lips and drained it.
A draught-of-giants (sudden realization)
came upon him
one more spell was cast
his uncut-thread (destiny to be fulfilled)
was not finished here.
Under the ship-of-night (moon)
the lone head-twister (owl)
flew off into the night
seeing with someone else’s eyes.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.

25 thoughts on “Who?

    1. Just following what my fearless leader wanted. It did help looking them up to understand them better. I didn’t make any up though and now that I’ve read the others I feel as though mine was too simple.


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