14 thoughts on “Haiku #42516

    1. It really was! I also saw a dead endangered mouse in the jaws of a large crow. Then I saw a live one run across the trail a few weeks ago. I bike by one of the last places they live I’m very lucky!

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        1. It had to be one of the groups I write with. On the sidebar, you can see which ones I am dropping in on at the moment. Wasn’t it Magpie Tales? Either that or you took the WordPress poetry class. I will visit you again. Glad you came by! Hugs!


          1. yes to both… Magpie Tales, and the WordPress poetry class…both. It was the first poetry class with Ben Huberman…there were several cool poetry forms, and I really love poetry now!

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        2. See I remember? Magpie has been spotty lately it’s too bad but I wrote this week. That poetry class was a blast I’d love to take another like it. On my sidebar under “Groups I Write With” you can see where I’ve been writing. Drop in some time!

          I will be by to look at your site this week. I ride my bike every other day just getting ready to go out today. Thank you for such a nice compliment I love it of course. Lol!

          Let’s keep in touch! Have a nice Thursday. I forgot your name, what is it? Hugs!


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