My Still Life

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My Still Life

Now that you’re gone
your things are everywhere
as if you never left.

That hook by the front door…
still holds your hat and bag
I should throw out that broken umbrella
although it was cloudy
with a chance of tears yestreen.

My still life.
If only my heart would stop pounding
if only for a moment
in a house so still.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

Shared with Poets United.




You always want what you don’t have
once you have it you want more
then you see what someone else has
now what you have is just a bore.

You always want the things that they have
but once you have them it’s no good
because by then they’ll have the next thing
maybe what you have is what you should.

You could enjoy it while you have it
you know that life just ain’t that tough
because we only go around once
accepting what you have might be enough.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

Shared with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.

Life Is No Picnic


Life Is No Picnic

Some people say
life is a picnic
I disagree.

You spread your blanket in a nice place
layout the small feast
hope for good weather
look forward to the food.

A layer between you and the ground
the blanket is security
protection and comfort
hopefully, it doesn’t have any holes.

The weather can change
in just minutes
thunder clouds rolling in
complications arise
you are powerless to change it
can’t fight the elements.

Food is emotional and sexy
pleasurable and addictive
it feeds your most inner being
all before it enters your belly
sometimes it doesn’t agree with you.

Then the bugs come
they sting and bite
at the very least they attack your food
they crawl all over your picnic
quite uncomfortable
don’t bug me
isn’t enough.

Some people say
life is a picnic
I disagree.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Poets United and sharing with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.