So Much Has Fallen


So Much Has Fallen

More than life itself, I loved him so
together we had so much
now absent, he has
taken the sweet music away and the lonely night has fallen.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

From Absences by Donald Justice.

Written for dVerse~Poets Pub.

8 thoughts on “So Much Has Fallen

  1. Oh, Bekkie. I am so very sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful, poignant use of the form. I love “taken the sweet music away”…what a solemn way to say life has changed, and there is an empty place.

    I don’t know how to extend a Mr. Linky deadline (I’m not sure there is a way to do so, once it’s closed). I will explore a bit, and try. But my hope is that as you find the time to visit others’ poems, they will search for yours, and find the link in the comments. Thank you so much for including your link. Sending love and hugs, and praying writing brings healing.

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    1. That’s ok there probably isn’t a way. Thank you for your comment! When I wrote this I wanted it to also link with the original poem which I think I did. I was also thinking of my Boo he was a male and my favorite boy. I will do what you suggested this week. Hugs!


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