Life Is No Picnic


Life Is No Picnic

Some people say
life is a picnic
I disagree.

You spread your blanket in a nice place
layout the small feast
hope for good weather
look forward to the food.

A layer between you and the ground
the blanket is security
protection and comfort
hopefully, it doesn’t have any holes.

The weather can change
in just minutes
thunder clouds rolling in
complications arise
you are powerless to change it
can’t fight the elements.

Food is emotional and sexy
pleasurable and addictive
it feeds your most inner being
all before it enters your belly
sometimes it doesn’t agree with you.

Then the bugs come
they sting and bite
at the very least they attack your food
they crawl all over your picnic
quite uncomfortable
don’t bug me
isn’t enough.

Some people say
life is a picnic
I disagree.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Poets United and sharing with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.


36 thoughts on “Life Is No Picnic

  1. Sigh. Could you please ask, the wasps and hornets to stay away, as I don’t want to, have to use my Epipen, right now. Darn allergic reactions.
    Bekkie, it was my 14th birthday, when my opa died, in 1984, and my first remembered bout of chronic depression.

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    1. I can do that. It must be scary to be allergic to stings!

      That is young to have such a bad depression and I hope you are feeling better now. Exercise works well for depression just walking can trigger the body’s chemicals that make us feel better to the point of not needing medication. I believe this because it worked for me.

      My last depression was in 2014 (my mom died and some other negative things) and it was my worst. Late in 2015, I got fed up quit my meds and started walking. The more I exercised the better I felt and when I started riding my bike things got even better. My life is the same but it’s hard to feel depressed now. It’s the science of how the body copes/works and I totally believe in it and that good health is the best way to keep happy. It takes some work to change for sure!

      When my grandparents died it was the end of my family playing and staying together. It’s a huge loss that is hard to recover from. I’m so happy you did!


  2. Oh this made me laugh at how I’m literally on the beach, having a mini picnic as I read poems! And your picture makes it doubly ironic that I’m heading to Disneyland tomorrow. Yes, life can be both literally and metaphorically a picnic–good & bad mixed into experiences along the way. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Yes, when you put it that way, a picnic is a perfect allegory of life and probable vice versa, too. We tend to leave those inconveniences and disasters out of the sweetness of memory.

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