My Still Life

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My Still Life

Now that you’re gone
your things are everywhere
as if you never left.

That hook by the front door…
still holds your hat and bag
I should throw out that broken umbrella
although it was cloudy
with a chance of tears yestreen.

My still life.
If only my heart would stop pounding
if only for a moment
in a house so still.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

Shared with Poets United.

19 thoughts on “My Still Life

  1. Loneliness makes such loud noises, points out so many things we rarely noticed when our lives were full… like the hat by the door, or the space next to our bed.

    So many emotions…


  2. cloudy / with a chance of tears … Oh yes! I don’t know which is more painful, throwing the things out or keeping them.

    This journey can only be taken at one’s own pace, step by step. It’s a journey of discovery as much as anything else.

    A lovely poem.

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  3. The pounding heart is like a hope so strong..that h/she will come back that life will move again – a powerful poem..made more so by those ‘little’ details which when we leave seem to be the sum of who we are

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  4. Oh, it is sad, isn’t it! After someone has left there is much that remains which is theirs. Their essence, as well as their belongings continue on.

    (I was able to link your poem, Bekkie.)

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  5. I so know the feeling….I especially love thinking about disposing of the broken umbrella “although it was cloudy with a chance of tears yestreen”. A house is never so still as when a beloved person is no longer there.

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