Just My Bike And Me


Just My Bike And Me

Wetlands passing by
the waterbirds feed
it’s a very good day
on San Francisco Bay.

To be out of the city
yet see it ‘cross the bay
even foggy days
it’s there on display.

Wind in my hair
just a gentle breeze
sun hot on my back
as I follow the bike track.

The sharp salt smell
clicking of the gears
the songbirds sing
colors on the wing.

Drifting down the trail
I feel like I’m flying
at peace so quietly
just my bike and me.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Shared with Poets United.

16 thoughts on “Just My Bike And Me

  1. Oh, there is such joy in riding one’s bike, isn’t there? Especially when one has such a beautiful view along the way…..such as you do. I envy that. You have expressed your experience so well.

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  2. In a way it could be anywhere – the wetlands, the wind, the birds, the salt smell – universal. On the other hand, I very much enjoyed my few hours in San Francisco years ago, and warm to every reminder of that unique city.

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    1. I remember you telling me that Bjorn! I would love to ride on the city side but I have no bike carrier right now. I think it’s great that you bike too, where do you go?


    1. You wouldn’t believe how many trails I haven’t tried yet they crisscross each other all over this area. When you are under your own power nothing can get you down. Hugs!


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