Sleep Tight


Sleep Tight

In deepest slumber
when tired we seem
we go to sleep
perchance to dream.

The man in the moon
playfully winking
suddenly frowns
his mood is sinking.

The starlight fading
blacker than black
from this trance
you won’t come back.

Sleep like the dead
or so they say
tonight’s the night
asleep you’ll stay.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads and shared with Poets United.


27 thoughts on “Sleep Tight

  1. In some strange way this made me want to keep waking up row a while longer at least – sleep is appealing when the world feels too bright and yet if we are truly offered the alternative would it seem so enticing.. your graphic as well as the poem was hypnotic – like those cards hypnotists turn!

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  2. That last stanza is eerie deliciousness. One of those to whisper under the tent of friends while camping in the woods, and then watch them squirm… I guess you can see why so few people would ever want to go camping with me, lol!

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