I Watch

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I Watch

I watch the birds
sometimes on a fence
with wings outstretched
flying in place
feeling the breeze
feathers ruffling
loving the wind.

I watch the birds
so high above me
gliding effortlessly
surveying the world
a pinpoint floating
on an azure backdrop
loving the wind.

I watch the birds
sometimes they watch back
what must they see
earthbound and wingless
self-caged creatures
only able to watch
thirsting for the wind.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Poets United and dVerse~Poets Pub.


36 thoughts on “I Watch

  1. Can’t comment on the meter — as I’m still not sure I understand it. But more important is the message within the words! And that wonderful animated blue bird! “a pinpoint floating
    on an azure backdrop” — love this imagery. And then the reversal at the end — they watch us as we thirst for the wind. Beautiful! 🙂

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    1. Meter is just timing. If you read a poem and it has a certain timing to it (like a song) it’s usually got meter. Telling the different types of meter is something I have no training in but we learn as we go don’t we? Thank you so much Lillian!

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  2. The first stanza caught me delightfully off guard. As I watched a pigeon on a railing this morning, doing exactly as you described, my thought was “So you have wings – show-off!” I very much felt my “earthbound and wingless” status in this world as it took flight. But I’ll bee in a plane soon when I go on vacation. I won’t feel so grounded as it were.

    Three different “birds eye” views, all so well done.

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    1. I saw a cormorant doing the same thing the other day on my bike ride and was wondering why he did this when he could fly. Then I saw a hawk over me and the poem took shape in my head.

      I hope you have a great time on vacation. I alway enjoy flying in planes I have to have a seat window! Thanks for visiting my take!

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  3. There is a happy, carefree flow in this poem, Bekkie. I watch the birds, too and only a few moment ago notices a nesting robin in the tree outside my window. We have a lot of wind these last couple of days–damaging wind that’s knock out power. The birds in our yard just huddled on the back fence or in the trees.

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    1. I see the birds fly on these violent winds and am still impressed at their abilities! I love Robin’s, how lucky to have a nest so close! Keep safe in those winds Victoria and thanks for stopping by!


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