Technicolor Wings


Technicolor Wings

I sail night skies with technicolor wings
the moon smiles up at me and sings
dripping stardust ‘cross the velvet sky
my shimmering wings make angels sigh.

No one can sail as high as me
the stars they wouldn’t care to disagree
light as a feather with my gossamer wings
I play hide and seek in Saturn’s rings.

Venus winks at me as I glide by
straight through the Milky Way I fly
the sun is coming up I see it’s glow
so quickly, back to Earth I go.

As my feet they touch the ground
morning finds me home, earthbound.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads and shared with Poets United.


40 thoughts on “Technicolor Wings

  1. You had my flying amid this lovely dream from the very first words of your poem — actually, from the beautiful image above it I think — in fact, the first stanza captivated me so that I had to scroll back up to read it again. Angels sighing, moons singing, dripping stardust….makes me want to take off on those technicolor wings and never land — only keep dreaming….A magical poem. Thanks for sharing.

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