At The Kmart

At The Kmart

All month long you save your dough
payday’s here and it’s time to go
walking through those big glass doors
welcome to your Kmart store!

Attention all you Kmart shoppers
as for sales we have some whoppers
buy two sodas and get one free
Blue Light Special is on aisle three.

Cart is loaded but before you go
our Poor Boy Sandwich is priced real low
through the checkout, it’s time to leave
but you’ll come back it’s guaranteed.

Blue Light Specials and crazy schemes
savings stamps and layaway dreams
times remembered happily
family shopping memories.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

Shared with Poets United.

34 thoughts on “At The Kmart

  1. I agree with Jae there are stories and poetry in everything around us. All these secret writers observing and writing notes in their brains. Kmart is still going in Australia but plenty of competitors.

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  2. You might be able to sell this delightful rhyming poem to the chain itself, K-Mart is still as big as Walmart around Philly. It’s possible that Target may edge them out, but I am not sure …

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  3. This made me smile. I don’t think we even have any K-Marts around here any more. They couldn’t compete with other big box stores, it seemed. In their heyday they did have some good deals though! An enjoyable walk down memory lane.

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  4. This one felt like it wrote itself – I loved every can in every aisle – everyday life is where the best stories such thing as mundane if you look at things in the right way!

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    1. You and I had the same experiences at Kmart, I’m so glad! After writing it I realized that might not be the case with many readers. Wasn’t it wonderful while it lasted? Although there’s a few Kmart’s still around, they aren’t the same at all.


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