All Lives Matter


All Lives Matter

We have a problem
a lack of control
no damn respect
it’s taking a toll.

Police should protect
uphold the peace
do the right thing
shootings must cease.

Murder in the streets
the people are scared
the unarmed killed
lawmen impaired.

Citizens taking
the law in their hands
acting like terrorists
we must take a stand.

People picking sides
prejudice must end
dividing by color
the message it sends.

There’s power in numbers
we all must unite
Americans together
protecting our rights.

All lives matter
no matter the race
whatever the color
wherever the birthplace.

An absence of conscience
we need to stop now
killing one another
we just can’t allow.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written for Poets United, dVerse~Poets Pub and Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.

48 thoughts on “All Lives Matter

  1. So much senseless violence and it always baffles me. I am thankful for the array of cultures in my country. As for guns, it would horrify me to have one in my home and I am thankful for our gun laws here in Canada.
    I did read this like a rap….nice rhythm to your message!

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    1. Thank you, Mish, I meant it as a rap. That’s what I like about rhyme, putting a rhythm to my words is one of my favorite things. I don’t own a gun either. I shot one as a child because my uncle put one in my hands and made me shoot it. Not exactly a warm memory with him…
      Maybe one day we will see senseless violence come to an end…I’m an old hippy…give peace a real chance!


  2. I just read about a Japanese word (kuebiko) that means, “a state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence.” I think it’s fitting for what’s going on in the world lately. But, in spite of our exhaustion….you’re right…..we can’t give up hope and need to keep taking action towards a better future.

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  3. It is difficult to comprehend the problem of gun law and abuse in the USA from my own country where such strict laws of ownership apply. I do hope some workable solution is found to reduce the extremely high number of firearm deaths that exist there.

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    1. The problem is our government won’t do what it takes to have strict gun laws. Might as well say the NRA rules them. It’s sickening. The gun lovers in the USA have so much power and they won’t give up a drop even though it would benefit everyone.


  4. These are very wise words, Bekkie. So much senseless violence. So out of control. People should not be divided by color. And no one, police or others, should constantly fear to walk the streets. A very timely poem.

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  5. “an absence of conscience.”– Yes, it corrupts that which is noble, suppresses that which is righteous, smears that which is beautiful! I hope we all merge into each other and alter our state of mind. Love it, Bekkie

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  6. Succinctly and intelligently expressed – there is a lack of control in so many senses – self control, societal, national, international.. it all could change with one good choice..if only we could see

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    1. Since I wrote this so many have expressed a sadness and agree with my poem, yet there are many “out there” doing our world nothing but harm. We can only hope they see the light and soon Jae.


  7. True and powerful poem. Police and homeless and black and white and you and me. Yet–and despite knowing all lives matter–until everyone knows it, I will emphasize that Black lives matter and be part of this movement. Standing up for the other has been absent.

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    1. My best friend is black and she’s told me how she has felt. There’s no reason she, or anyone should ever feel like they are a “second citizen.” Black lives do matter, everyone’s lives matter.


  8. I most resonate with your line “an absence of conscience.” There is doing the right thing, and doing wrong,in any situation……..if we get back to basics, we may have a hope…………………..

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