Black Sheep


Black Sheep

When and how did I become
the black sheep of the family
how can that even be
I gave my love without a fee
never took anything just for me
never sulked or disagreed
but now I know the bridges are burned
I will never get the love I hoped to earn.

When and how did I become
dead to my family
phone number taken off the wall
never getting any calls
the very first grandchild I be
so why was I unwilling to see
at family reunions, I was the absentee
slowly being separated from the family tree.

When and how did this ever start
living amongst a family that has no heart
now that both of my parents are dead
I got nothing so they could get ahead
all the horrible things done and said
all the days and nights filled with dread
I hope that someday I can accept and see
why my unsavory family doesn’t deserve me.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with dVerse~Poets Pub and Poets United.

35 thoughts on “Black Sheep

    1. Thank you, Neha! I appreciate your kindness at commenting. It rings even truer today after my mom died a few years back. I wish I had the guts to post this on Facebook but I don’t like to attract that attention. Isn’t it funny that here it is, anyone can read it here but none of my relatives, even the ones who know I write, have ever visited here or cared about my writing. I wrote a poem to the family I still care about when my cousin died (if you want to read it, it’s called Under Summer Skies) and posted it on Facebook twice and not one comment. It stung, but they’re not a bunch of college grads either. I never knew family was this complicated but I wish I had. Thanks again! Hugs!

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      1. Hey Bekkie! That’s why we make friends, right? A family we choose. It is heartbreaking to know of what you have faced but you know what? I feel much worse for your extended family now because they don’t know who they are missing out on. You aren’t missing a thing, honey! I will definitely check out ‘Under Summer Skies’, and thank you for responding. Hugs ❤ ❤

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  1. All we need is to be accepted. And family is one important thing but one must not stay connected be it family or friend if there is no value to the person there. That is sad your family is so. Hugs! Be who you are and be with people who accept you as you are! 🙂

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  2. Well you are not the first I have heard of. My two close friends have suffered the same fate and are resented by their families.They both have this in common. They are both honourable truthful and definitely a cut above the rest of them in every way. I think this could be the problem Bekkie:)Find a better tree,or just be a splendid tall sunflower… sounds like a merciful release.It’s their loss. Sorry if you find this blunt..I am an Aussie …we look at things plainly 🙂

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  3. this is quite sad. being left behind by your family after working so hard for them.
    i see this played out in the lives of many parents, but also siblings.

    my father in law passed away recently so i know too the breaking that happens
    when greed takes over as well.

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  4. Unfortunately we are born into families and many times we would never select them….your deep poignant and painful poem speaks of truth as you say…they do not deserve you as what they value is so far from your beauty and truth….I wish you peace Bekkie.

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  5. i think one should avoid fault finding folks, relatives or whatever…they don’t deserve a space in our hearts & this truth has to be accepted….it’s sad and hard though but there’s nothing like moving on….

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  6. Families can be so hurtful. And they rarely see us as who we really are – looking through their own judgments and misperceptions. I am sorry, Bekkie. Burt you are one of the flock online. I know that gives me comfort when I encounter certain of my own relatives not really seeing me.

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    1. Thank you, Bjorn. Unfortunately, it’s been about who gets what and mostly greed which is really sad because objects and money are not the important things in life are they?


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