Life Beware!


Life Beware!

Steel mills belching smoke into the lifeless horizon
orange cotton candy clouds offering no smiles
through the evening soup, the shorebirds flew
black specs flung against the colorful stained canvas
the unfeeling glorious sunset silhouetting
a sky painted into a death grin.

Life beware!

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

Although we’ve all had our share of bad news I took the dark artistic route. I had this animation of mine and wanted to use it. This vision is only cautionary.

Written with Poets United.


18 thoughts on “Life Beware!

  1. Humans in general are so stupid as to be incaplable of looking beyond the near future hoping their own rich life can be maintained whilst forgetting the consequnces of their actions. It is so strange that they think nothing of their childrens futures where climate, population, food and may well be compromised thinking that dollars in the bank will suffice for their own. We plan for everything except the future existence of life on Earth.

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    1. So true, Old Egg! Why have children to pass things on to when the world around them is crumbling down? I never had children and for me, it was a choice I never regretted. I don’t dislike children, but at this stage of life I could never have a child trying to live with me I can barely support myself! Lol! Kidding aside, I would be very upset if I did have a child, handing this world over to them. Big hug!


  2. A cool animation which works so well with the poem. It is cautionary, but actually happening as well. When I drove into town this morning, pulp mill smoke was billowing up against the blue sky…………

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