Danger Jargon Junction


Danger Jargon Junction

The gandy dancer inspected
the empty track ahead
seeing emeralds all the way
signaling the okay.

The crew expecting eight and sand
a normal run for hospital train
stuck with sisters for overhaul
left receiving the high ball.

Hobos climb the running boards
ride the deadhead line for free
going through dark territory
drunken lads reliving glories.

The bull and cinder dick
instead of on the watch
were busy going to beans
arguing in the canteen.

Treachery on the bridge ahead
caused to dynamite the train
plunging to their death’s they go
a cold and watery death below.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

Most of this is jargon I found in the Glossary of North American Railways and decided it would make a colorful poem. Research and time made this poem possible. I do like to play with vintage words and jargon.

Written with dVerse~Poets Pub.

31 thoughts on “Danger Jargon Junction

  1. sMiLes.. your Train of chaos
    and Destruction plunging
    to a deep
    end surely
    reminds me of
    politics lately
    that is a circus
    moreover now than
    gridlock that never ends..
    and oh gosh.. the train
    even on
    the tracks
    or close
    to the Bridge yet..
    hmm.. the liGht is
    clearly and visibly dArk
    in the Tunnel of political lore now2..;)

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  2. Nice work here; very enjoyable fantasy based on probability & history. I, too, love to do research for many of my poems. I did a railroad poem years ago & spiced it with the RR vernacular; smile.

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  3. Well….you had my attention with the video! That is some old footage. I like the title…especially knowing you did the research to learn about the jargon of the railroad world. Didn’t realize there were running boards on old trains!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As for the running boards, my poem may use terms from a specific time in history but it’s just from my imagination so it’s loosely based. After you read it I redid the last 2 lines. It happens sometimes after I write.

      Thanks for coming by, Lillian, glad you liked it. Hugs!

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