Silver beneath cold waters
on a cloudy day.

Boats gather
to fish and barter
silver passes
beak to claw
hook to boat
hand to hand.

Silver beneath cold waters
on a cloudy day.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

Written with dVerse~Poets Pub.


15 thoughts on “Silver

  1. I interpreted your first line as using “silver” as a verb, though this may not be your intention. Either way, it’s great that you joined in and that you were open to changing it up to suit the prompt a little better. I really like the repeated line book ending your poem.

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    1. I just took that out! After Lillian commented I decided to rewrite it a bit to fit the prompt better. I liked those lines too but in the end decided they didn’t fit. Thank you so much.


  2. Love the image here…and especially the last two stanzas. To be sure the verbalization is there, since silver is the name of the fish, right? or at the very least an adjective that is the color of the fish and fluctuations they cause in the water….you could make this noun (name of fish) or adjective (color of water) into a verb by doing something like this in the first stanza:
    Silver the waters on a cloudy day….
    so silver becomes the action/verb.
    I do love the sense of this……….and so glad you posted! 🙂
    I replied to your comment at the pub site too.

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    1. Silver is the name of the fish! I was hoping this would be the case, Lillian. Your examples are perfect wish I’d thought of it but a good lesson for me thank you so much!

      You know, I like that first stanza idea so much would you mind if I used it? I may rework this a little now that I know what to do. I won’t do it unless you say it’s fine. I think with that as the first stanza it would be a better poem. That second stanza could be taken out perhaps.

      Big hug!

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      1. Of course you can redo😊. When I started writing about two years ago, I believe it was either Grace or Victoria who helped me with my post and I ended up having to redo lines twice to get form correct. We’re all learning and enjoying together! ❤

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