Night Trains


Night Trains

No matter where I fall asleep
it’s always the same
I lie there listening to the night trains.

The whistles echoing through the night
enjoying the sounds instead of the sight
clickety clack
goes the track
in dreamland forgone
I ride till the dawn.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

This is so true! I have a great fondness for sounds like this at night to help me sleep and listen to 3 hours of sounds that sooth me when I go to bed at night. It seems one can hear trains at night just about anywhere.

This is a 44 word Quadrille written with dVerse~Poets Pub and shared with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.


20 thoughts on “Night Trains

  1. Well, this is one place where we can’t hear them. But when I lived in various other places where one could, I too used to love that haunting sound, simultaneously stirring the wander-lust and strangely comforting to fall asleep to.

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    1. In this case I was talking about laying in bed at home (maybe it’s the USA) but I’ve always wanted to ride and especially sleep “on” a train. I envy you all your travels Bjorn! Happy Birthday!


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