Early Crocus (Too Soon)


Early Crocus (Too Soon)

Deep in the earth it was time to wake
wake and bloom my place to take
sleeping all winter under the ground
waiting for spring so I could astound
sending out shoots for over a week
ready I was to have my first peek
slowly opening ready to show
only to find myself covered in snow!

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

I got this idea from the Crocus (which sometimes blooms through the snow) and this image from a Google search. The Crocus is one of my favorite flowers we used to have them in the backyard in Indiana and they always came up first.

This poem was picked to be in Chiaroscuro – Darkness and Light: Voices from poets, a dVerse~Poets Pub Anthology and I’m thrilled to announce that you can buy this book with my poem in it. Not just me, but 100 wonderful poets that I’ve written with for years. The book is on Amazon HERE.

Written with dVerse~Poets Pub.


12 thoughts on “Early Crocus (Too Soon)

  1. Lovely imagery for this time of year. I like the idea of Saturday image write. I saw you at Frank’s place. I will try to write something for the prompt.

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  2. You were an early bloomer. I hear you. I was a late bloomer. The buds had gone from the roses. a very poignant verse for this time of year. Instead of a groundhog, we have a gator that tells the weather in South Texas, Bubba. If he eats the chicken he’s thrown, (like he wouldn’t), we’ll have clear weather. Thanks, that’s a really clever verse and use.

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