Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman

She can wash the clothes and hang ’em on the line
she can dress the children and make ’em shine
she feeds the pets and cares for you
yet he’s the one who wears the shoes.

She can look real pretty-she cleans up nice
you never have to ask her twice
her cooking wins at the country fair
yet he’s the one who drives her there.

She’s a real wonder woman she does it all
she does it all at his beck and call
empty inside, it pains me to say
this wonder woman has lost her way.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

This picture reminds me of that song, “He brings home the bacon, she fries it up in a pan”, and then something about her man. A real balancing act, keep it up or fall!

My mother’s marriage (the 50’s) and her friends had husbands like this, talented women who gave it all up for marriage and kids. Even today women do it, I did this somewhat myself (the giving up of my career without the kids) and still have a little regret about it now. Today I am older, single and wiser; I like it that way.

Written with Saturdays Image Write and Poets United.

33 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

  1. I suppose there are still men like that around, sadly. I did notice the character in the illustration did have an Alladin’s lamp she was standing on so she was a lucky one with outside help!

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    1. Look closer, Oldegg that’s a teapot and there’s some tea spilling from it. That would have been an entirely different poem. I like that she had outside help though.

      This picture made me think of women in the 50’s because of the look of it. I think the boy has the cup from the teapot in his hand, something I didn’t see before, it’s one of those kinds of pictures.

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  2. Appearances are deceiving. It’s exhausting and debilitating, this balancing act. And where other women push and cajole women into such lives, they are hypocrites. Good, brave, strong poem!

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  3. Rather aptly describes the woman of the 40s and 50s. I’m not sure woman’s lib has been a favor, as now woman has to balance a job AND do most of those things she always did! Loved your poem.

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