We stayed in the playhouse
that my dad built me
in the backyard near the lilac bushes
that summer in Indiana
sleeping bags on camping cots
we huddled around cold popcorn
drinking Coca-cola
under flashlights in the dark
listening to Beatles 45’s
on the portable turntable
telling ghost stories
giggling through the night
me and my friends on our own
yet tethered to the real world
by an umbilical extension cord
running from the playhouse
up to the kitchen window.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

The subject of nostalgia made me think about being a child in Michigan City, Indiana. I loved having friends stay in my playhouse in the backyard. One extension cord plug would give us power for the turntable or a light. We didn’t have cell phones, video games or much of anything yet but we had music and friendship.

The artwork is an experiment of mine called Time Warp.

Written with Poets United and shared with dVerse~Poets Pub.

40 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Beautiful memories Miss Bekkie. “The Good Old Days” were a much simpler more pleasant time. Too bad they only exist in our memories now. Loved the artwork. It’s very psychedelic! ☺♥

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  2. I enjoyed this, Bekkie. It took me back to some of my own memories. Those old 45’s and telling ghost stories — now those were the days! You were so very lucky to have a playhouse.

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  3. Lovely memories of the good old days and love the mention of the umbilical extension cord.
    I am sure the good old days were better in that we had friendship and music and were not absorbed by cell phones etc. We had each other and friendship seemed deeper.
    I am equally sure that my sons will remember their youth as better than that their children experience in years to come.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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  4. I absolutely love that image of being tethered to the (so-called) real world by extension cords! I wish I had penned that image. Thank you!

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  5. I’m reminded of my children camping out in our camper in our back yard. Their memories would be much the same (and also in Indiana!) You depicted that era so well. Thanks for the memories!

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    1. I made that one at LunaPic, Frank. I found an imperfection in the software that allows me to make these round animations that are so beautiful. I have made a lot of them. I changed those lines today because I didn’t like the way they sounded. I changed it to this:
      “my friends and on our own
      yet tethered to the real world
      by an umbilical extension cord”

      Much better. Thank you!

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          1. I have changed posts. Mainly it is for spelling or grammar. Sometimes I realize what I wrote wasn’t clear and change it. Sometimes I add an explanation if I think something I wrote could be misunderstood like clarifying that the “I” in the poem is not actually me.

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