Writer’s Block


Writer’s Block

My book it lies unfinished
that sentence dangling there
the words remain extinguished
it’s like my thoughts are bare.

My first book came so easy
the money made now gone
the blank page makes me queasy
my writing just looks wrong.

I meant to write a story
a word, a phrase, a quote
I wanted all the glory.
One word is all I wrote.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2013

A flash from the past shared with Poets United.

40 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Superb write. Love it. The picture made me laugh, thank you. While I have no urge to write a book (at the moment) I do get writer’s block when trying to write poetry. So I can relate to your poem.

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      1. Welcome my friend. Your comment got me curious about how many poems I have written. So I checked -since I started this writing thing (in April of 2014) I have written over 200 poems. I am amazed at myself that I have this creative side.

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        1. I hear you! First, you’re writing a few poems and later you have hundreds! I am thrilled to tell you that I’m going to have one of my poems published in a book of poems in one of the groups I write with. I can’t say much now, I just heard myself.

          I think you should try self publishing someday Phil. Maybe a book of Christan poetry (because I know you write poems about your faith.) I think you’re a very good poet, you are a mucho creative person.

          Love you!

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    1. I mean to, Gillena, last week I had a flooded kitchen so dropped out but I’m back. Please drop in to my Saturdays Image Write anytime. I’ve had it up for the 5th week now. Big hug!


  2. Like a journey, it starts with one step, or word, in this case, with the poem. Have patience, and it will come, at its own pace, which seems too long, for impatience humans.

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