Different As Night And Day



Different As Night And Day

All the good and bad they weathered
night and daytime ruled together
then one day they had a fight
the moon got mad and shined too bright
it pushed the sun out of the way
and then decided to steal the day.

The jealous sun its anger bright
took back the daytime from the night
the Gods stepped in to end this fight
and straightened out this perilous plight
the moon felt sad the sun was lost
the sun felt bad that lines were crossed.

Now night and day ruled peacefully
while dusk and dawn meet frequently
the stars doth shine until the day
comes sauntering back to get its way
sun and moon now regulated
for all time they’re separated.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2014

A blast from the past shared with my friends at Poets United. I originally wrote this for a friend, Cat whom I’ve known online for over 10 years, she likes these kinds of fantasies.


27 thoughts on “Different As Night And Day

  1. I enjoyed this poem, Bekkie. You mentioned having written this for your friend Cat. But it seems the poem has a lot of sadness and separation within, so I do hope that you and Cat are still friends. The ending (“for all time they’re separated”) seems to indicate otherwise…sigh.

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    1. I can see where you got that idea, Mary but it’s not like that. Cat just likes these kinds of poems. You are a sweetheart to care! Perhaps I should change that sentence. I’m glad you liked the poem and hope your weekend was a restful one. Big hug!


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