Strapped in tight
slowly ratcheting uphill
violent accelerations
catapulted about
screaming laughter
G-force jerking
rickety wheels clattering
arms flailing
pummeling winds
oscillating heart rates
wildly bobbing heads
sweaty fists grabbing
an emotional roller coaster
to an end.

precise mechanical madness.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

Writing about amusement parks with dVerse~Poets Pub. Nothing beats riding rides at a park and the emotions that bubble to the surface.

17 thoughts on “Amusement

  1. Ohhhhhh….you’ve nailed it! The description is perfect! Great use of adjectives and adverbs to describe not only the look of the ride but the feel and the sounds of it! Rickety wheels clattering….ratcheting uphill….sweaty fists grabbing……and then…….the final two lines! A+++ this is really what I remember as a child 🙂 Wonderful! 🙂

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  2. Your animation shows well the effect on a human of “juddering”. It is the first time I’ve heard of that word, but a search brought it up in the expected context. I like the “mechanical madness” at the end that is also, for all its madness, “precise”.

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      1. Sometimes I think you like my animation better than my poetry. (Just joking, of course.) I wanted to let you know this isn’t my work. My work is more primitive but I have collected many wonderful animated GIF files over my years online. If it’s my work it will say so. Have a great day!

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  3. You could be describing the thrill of that 1st Rollercoaster drop, or the butterflies of learning that your secret love shares your feelings mutually. That’s what I love most about your exhilarating poem!

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