Haiku #31417


haiku #31417

the kindness of strangers
the world relies on it-
we should not retreat

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

I coded this artwork so it’s different than my usual work.

I wrote this for Gillena’s CKK Anniversary kukai 2017 (retreat), Poet’s United (the kindness of strangers), and shared with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads (the Tuesday platform.)

30 thoughts on “Haiku #31417

  1. In our present political climate, retreating is such a temptation. But how can a poet retreat? I firmly believe that we poets are the ones on whom the world relies to keep things together during difficult times. Write on!

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  2. Some strangers are so very kind. I hope I am like them.
    Your #1417? March 14 was pi Day, pi is 3.1416. Is today the next higher, 3.1417? Or was it a coincidence?

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    1. Oh my, that tickles me, Jim! No, it wasn’t on purpose. Because haiku isn’t supposed to have titles I use the day I write them to title them. That way, it never repeats and no title. I was aware of Pi Day but not the number sequence, you must be a brainiac. That is so cool! Thanks for telling me.


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