Painted Ladies


Painted Ladies

Primary colors
bright painted places
all dressed to kill
with wooden faces.

Historic old homes
begging attention
just don’t ask their age
it’s a bone of contention.

Sitting so prettily
rows upon rows
ladies in waiting
in their best clothes.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

Photograph by Gary Lo a friend of mine on Google+. (To see more of his work click on his name.) Written for Saturdays Image Write #7. Please drop in and join me for an image write each Saturday. Also linked to Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads for the theme home.

17 thoughts on “Painted Ladies

  1. I LOVE this poem. The town I last lived in, a grey industrial depressed town, would do well to paint their ladies’ faces up the hill above the quay. I said it for years. It would cheer everyone up.

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  2. Nice flowing meter. I liked the “wooden faces” in the first stanza and the part about not asking their ages in the second, although each might want to be the oldest one out there for additional historic value.

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