Vanishing Act


Vanishing Act

She could never keep her feet on the ground
she preferred her head above the clouds
daydreams taking her far away
leaving the cruel world behind
to others, just an empty shell
but on the inside…

She could never understand her fate
born free only to become enslaved
told when and how to feel
how to act and what to do and say
a second class citizen with a womb
expected to be a selfless caretaker of others
as if one job that pays less than a man isn’t enough.

She could never find peace in vacations
everywhere she went was the same
people controlling and questioning
lines of strangers greedy and pushing
draining her money and energy
not that any amount could unshackle her.

She could never breakout of her prison
returning to a home that wasn’t hers
“things” that belonged more than she did
a life she couldn’t bear for another instant
the heavy weight of it took her breath away
her heart crushed like so much stardust.

She could never commit suicide
despite her unhappiness with it all
so enthralled by the heavens that night
she made a decision to travel once more
plucking the evening star to wear in her hair
she decorated her robe with the milky way
wearing the rings of Saturn as her crown
a sliver of moon topped her scepter
finally, all the universe was hers alone.

Daydreams taking her far away
never, never to return.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015/2017

An old poem reworked with my animation from Magpie Tales and shared with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads. This is about women and some of the thoughts we may share about being born a woman in a man’s world. Some of us may dream of vanishing but we all know that there’s more to life. Going crazy (or suicide) is not the answer but I feel for the women who can’t deal and hope they find the help they need.


24 thoughts on “Vanishing Act

  1. Hi Bekkie, this is so relevant. I feel sorry for any woman who leads a life like this. I may be inclined to have a “divorce, Texas style.” That involves shooting the guy.
    Remember the play, “Chicago”. ‘He had it coming to him, dirty rotten b**.’
    I feel a lot of teens have a similar life with similar feelings, except for most the baby bit. When I was one many times I spent time imagining that I was flying out the window, escaping the situations I was stuck in. And really didn’t care if I couldn’t fly but instead fell, dead on the ground below.

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  2. This is so saddening, when the reality is so harrowing, that one has to rely on dreams to keep on going. As a social and political statement, this verse is really relevant.
    Powerful and thought provoking.

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  3. she decorated her robe with the milky way
    wearing the rings of Saturn as her crown
    a sliver of moon topped her scepter
    finally, all the universe was hers alone.

    Striking and eloquent imagery in this one 🙂
    One of your best, Bekkie ❤️

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  4. I think a lot of women would relate to this poem. History has made us good at surviving so we do whatever it takes. A raw look at reality. Yep I think it’s tough being a woman. Although I would not want to be a man. Thought provoking poem.

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