Silver Dollar Moon


Silver Dollar Moon

Like a silver dollar
******************hanging low in the sky
the full moon tetters
*******************on the brink
*********on the waters edge
in moments
***********it will fall and sink.


One last thought
****************heavy it did weigh
if only to be a balloon
*********************gently floating away.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

A 44-word Quadrille written for dVerse~Poets Pub using the word balloon. Thank you to WHIMSYGIZMO who helped me space this poem. Big hug!


17 thoughts on “Silver Dollar Moon

  1. Bekkie, your poem is gorgeous.
    I don’t know anything about formatting and codes and such, but I am also on wordpress on my blog, and I CHEAT, big time, by simply changing my ink color to white, and typing ellipses where I want a space. They don’t show up, and my words stay where I want them. I can’t do concrete poems like I’d like to, but I can play with spacing, which I love to do.

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    1. That’s just wonderful! Thank you, that’s a great idea! I took a class where I learned how to do this with on WordPress but it was a long time ago! I was trying to reformat it when you read it so it was probably a mess. I will do that. Big hug!


          1. I just know how frustrating it can be to want to play with spacing. You’re such a creative poet, I hate to see you restrained. I wish I knew more about codes and such, but I can’t wrap my brain around them. And every time wordpress changes its formatting, I am so relieved to learn how to get back to the old way. I’m the least tech person I know…but I LOVES me some creative spacing and “air” in a poem. 🙂

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