Goodbye Bruce


Goodbye Bruce

He had it all but was empty inside
accomplishing much but yet living a lie
an ongoing book that had pages to hide
now she’s the one in the public’s eye.

A handsome man and a top athlete
a public life filled with private grief
just ’cause you’re different it doesn’t delete
yourself intact-you look for relief.

Why do the Kardashians seem so surprised
the clothes and the clues were all there to see
no longer happy with gender disguised
Caitlyn begins her own history.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

I have seen and read all about Bruce Jenner’s recent change and magazine cover. Caitlyn at 65 looks marvelous but it’s just an illusion that I find sad when realized it’s just the work of some well-paid doctors. I’m more interested in what doesn’t meet the eye and wish Caitlyn well.

First published today and shared with Poets United for the prompt gender. Many people are confused about gender these days. I can’t pretend to know what it’s like as I’ve always known I am a woman.

14 thoughts on “Goodbye Bruce

  1. Bekkie, as someone, who like Caitlyn, is walking this very personal journey of self-discovery, it can be very fulfilling and frustrating, at times. To see your true inner self, finally, being able to emerge and see daylight, without fearing of someone attacking, as a freak, is priceless, to quote the Mastercard commercial.

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    1. I like your sense of humor, Therisa! I am aware of your journey only through PU but I feel for you and all transgenders. The fact that this world is only getting narrower is not what I was hoping for when growing older. I’m happy you liked my poem.


    1. You made me think some more, Susan and I removed my current comment. Who am I to have an opinion since I don’t really know? I hope she’s happy too and probably relieved not to be under pressure anymore no matter. Thank you so much!


      1. I since read the Wikipedia article on her so I now know a little more. I’m glad to learn new things. I liked the meter and rhyme in your poem and that it was easy to understand. It fits the irony theme well.

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