April Crocus


April Crocus

When it seems like old man winter
will never lose his icy grip
dainty goblet-shaped Crocus
push through the melting snow.

Yellow, white and purple flowers
putting on their Easter finest
a colorful revival and early arrival
that fills us with new hope
welcoming the coming spring.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

Shared with Monday WRites for Holy Week and Poets United.


27 thoughts on “April Crocus

      1. I will be hosting on April 20th. I writing a prompt on “limericks” now, but I haven’t sent it in for the others to review/approve it. The walks are becoming routine even though the weather is getting better. I have to keep reminding myself to break that routine to stay mindful. I hope your book is progressing. I am thinking I should put a book together as well.

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        1. You should do a book, Frank! I have to read how to publish first but it can’t be hard so many of my friends have done it. I just want to do it right. I can’t wait to do another limerick with you! We will be in the dVerse anthology when it comes out, whenever that is. When it does I’m telling everyone! Lol! Like I said in another comment I’ll have to drop by and look at your work and photos more. I need to be better at reading when I don’t link. See you on the 20th! Hugs!

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