Old Library Book


Old Library Book

Words in binding
fact reminding
maybe rhyming
perfect timing
plot defining
how-to guiding
new word finding
worlds unwinding

The End-I’m smiling!

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

My first experience with books was in the library at my grade school. I think I read every book they had about horses. Of course in class, it was Fun With Dick And Jane. Libraries have changed through the years but they still hold countless stories, art, poetry, history, and more. All you need is a library card and it’s yours for the taking. Don’t forget to return your book!

The artwork is Storybook by Schnette on Deviantart. Linked with Poets United.

26 thoughts on “Old Library Book

  1. Confession: I stole a library book years ago, from the first (and now defunct) college I went to. It’s a book of poetry in German, and I still have it, along with memories of my college days. Right or wrong, the book is mine now. There’s no college library to return it to.

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  2. Yes, libraries are wonderful! Part of my life from an early age, then I grew up to be a librarian for many years, and now I still enjoy the local library.

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          1. I suppose I could always link some older poems on Poets United. I hope you get your book finished. The first draft is the hardest, or so I’ve heard. What I am posting on my blog are just drafts for inclusion in some future book.

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          2. I’ll be pulling a lot of poems from CP for my book. It’s going to have my nature poetry in it. I want to do another on my alliterations too. You should link your old poems I’d like to read them. I have a friend who has published and he said he’d help me get started but he’s so busy with his career now I hate to ask. He’s doing so well with his haiku and Japanese forms. He’s won so many awards, international too, he’s from the UK. I knew him when he did his first book and was just starting his haiku and he’s been working hard to be successful. Maybe we could work together on our books?

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          3. You are further along than I am, but I would be willing to help edit or proofread once you get to that stage. I haven’t written a book yet so I don’t know what is involved.

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        1. I’d be glad to help you too. Maybe we can discover how to do it together. I’m going to talk to my friend in chat soon. I’ll keep you posted through our writes. I look forward to whichever prompt you do on the 29th.

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          1. It is good to have a team of sorts for a book. I think it makes the book look more professional to readers rather than having one person do everything, which is possible. I’m willing to help with yours and I will let you know if I ever get something to the stage that it needs editing or proofreading.

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