Nothing Personal


Nothing Personal

I amble down
a road less traveled
a path is discerned
almost telepathically
I inch my way along
somewhat cautiously.

Mossy growth glistening
marching through the woods
mounting an invasion
against the trees.

The damp smell of death
permeating my senses
life mirrors nature
nature’s way is survival
nothing personal.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2013

A poem from my past posted for Earth Day. Also a nod to Robert Frost. Linked in the nick of time with dVerse~Poets Pub.

12 thoughts on “Nothing Personal

  1. Love this. Nature certainly adapts and survives. It’s too cold here today to really get out and enjoy Earth Day. A spring storm last night brought with it a cold front (low 60s). We’re used to mid 80s this time of year.

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    1. I got out for Earth Day, I took a bike ride but the sun wasn’t out although it was in the 60’s. Today the sun is out and it’s going to be nice but it’s very windy so I guess today’s a writing day. It would of been nice for sun on Earth Day I agree!

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  2. ‘Tis not personal at all, indeed. The world is not centered on persons or anything. It just is. I agree. Earth day seems funny to me — the earth is fine, we are only worrying about life as we know it. Heck, even life is fine. Humans may kill themselves, but organisms will persist.

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