The Letter


The Letter

Thrust into my hands
handwriting barely legible
lingering lie
delivered deliberately.

That tear stained letter
a sad memory
relished, relinquished,
then released.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2013

An old poem with my animation. This happened to me but not in letter form, it was face to face and never to be. I think we’ve all had our relationship disappointments in life but I hope you were spared. Love is complicated at the best of times.

It’s good to be back after taking an unscheduled break from writing. Sometimes life gets in the way. Tomorrow’s another birthday for me I’m turning 63. I use to avoid mentioning my age in the past but due to my bike riding and good health, I feel too good to be so silly.

Shared with my friends at Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.

18 thoughts on “The Letter

  1. Happy Birthday, Bekkie ❤️

    I have recently been through a bad relationship so I can relate to your poem and I can tell you for a fact that women like us deserve better! 🙂 Sending lots of love and prayers ❤️

    Lots of love,

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  2. I thought my sixties were a great time! I went around saying, ‘There’s this great secret no-one ever tells you: old age is the best bit!’ 🙂

    Cute animation. Not so cute, the experience of the lying words, but great to have got past it.

    Many Happy Returns.

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  3. Awesome poem! Glad to have you back. Writing breaks are needed to recharge the creative juices.

    Happy 63rd Birthday my friend. Hope you have a wonderful day!! It’s good to hear/see you loving life and embracing it. You go girl. ☺♥

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  4. Happy Birthday Bekkie. I’ve found that the older you get the more you share. Plus it’s kinda nice to be told, “You certainly don’t look that old.”
    Your love letter busted tells it like the way it goes. Mine wasn’t written either. It started with “I need to be away, alone, for a little while.” But she wasn’t alone. And the ‘little while’ lasted all our lives except for things the kids are doing. I took it terribly hard.

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    1. I hear you, Jim! It’s nice to feel good too, which I didn’t for several years and not just because of a love affair. Life can really get messed up but no more!

      Mine just came home one day and told me he was moving back home (it was another state) and I was not invited. I had no clue and had already ruined my life because of him. Then I found out he was also going back to a woman he had already knew that had a bunch of money. I can’t believe I fell for such a cad.

      Thanks for sharing! Hugs!


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