The Gift


The Gift

Awarded a gift
Between past and future
Concluded at consciousness
Day in and day out-

Facing the omnipresent and
Grasping what life
Has in store for us.

Invisible, tasteless and odorless, we
Just need to
Know how to
Live for today.

May we take this gift of
Now, and mark
Ourselves as

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

I wrote an alphabet Acrostic for dVerse~Poets Pub. The artwork is an old animation of mine.

22 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this wonderful poem. I have been down with back muscle spasms and am now getting caught up (sort of). I wanted this to go on the rest of the way to Z but I like how you cut it off in the present. Lot of meaning in this…live in the present. Well done!

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    1. It is and getting more so every day. Today we’re having record temperatures (perhaps 3 digits) like yesterday. Yesterday I went riding early but got a flat 3.6 miles away from home so walked home. I was so unhappy but found that putting one foot in front the the other worked, and got me home without me blowing a fuse.

      Thanks for coming by have a nice weekend!


    1. Thanks, Frank! I liked yours too! I like doing your prompts and was happy I caught this one. You pick lessons that I really like. Doing the old (and fun) forms are great practice and it’s surprising what acrostics bring out in people.

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