Reasoning gone
I sit in my terror
crushing problems
suffocating me.

I sit still.

Too tired to try
I sit in this dump
it’s never enough
always my fault.

Still, I sit.

Everything ruined
I sit enraged
anger unhinged
I want to break it!

I sit still.

I’m so dumb
I sit in my filth
steeped in hate
deep in my dread-


© Rebecca Sanchez 2013

Even though I wrote this in 2013 it applies to today. This world is shocking us more every day as these historical times beat us down. It’s easy to feel there is nowhere to turn and no goodness left. With a president like Trump, the people are divided and fearful. To be fair, Trump didn’t start the problems we have but him getting elected just proved to me (once again) that our system doesn’t work. In my lifetime of voting, I have never been happy with the results. Even if the people I voted for got elected they never got anything done. Promises are always broken and I pay for more today than ever. Being a woman, I make less than men and am expected to ignore that fact and carry on. WTF!???  We are the only country that doesn’t have a healthcare system for everyone. People don’t get to keep their teeth or see clearly because these aren’t always covered under insurance. That is insane! We are overbuilding on land we shouldn’t be building on in the first place (maybe we wouldn’t have so many floods) and none of the new housing is for the middle-class or poor. Endangered animals can be killed because we need the land. Most of the problems we are having in this country are due to our horrible, greedy, rich government officials who get fatter pork bellies daily by screwing the majority of its citizens. Republicans have the majority and what has happened? Nothing! They don’t want to do their highly paid jobs. I think we should get rid of this system and the deadbeats in it and rebuild our government for the real good of the people. Get rid of them and we may have a chance to do some really great things in America.

Let’s stop pointing fingers and fighting each other. Aren’t we over color and race in 2017? Bullying other people and feeling superior to them? This petty shit has got to stop we are ALL getting screwed. We need to come together as Americans and protest TOGETHER. This is how they keep us knuckled under!! This is why the terrorists can get to us so easily. Of course, what do I know?

Written for the prompt “howl your poetry into my bones” with my friends at the Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.


19 thoughts on “Still

  1. An excellent poem Miss Bekkie ♥ Full of anger and dread. Then I read the rant below and all I can say is WOW!! That is some rant. As a Canadian, even I can see that the electoral system in the US is screwed up. And the government is even worse. You are right Trump did not start some of the problems but he sure is helping to maker them alot worse! ☺

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    1. Trump’s ignorance about some things causes much dread. Sorry I saw this so late (your comments on this blog) I haven’t been very active here I see you on g+ more. Today’s Christmas and James is going for a bike ride with me. We’re getting ready to go as I type. I think no matter what country we live in we’re all screwed because our leaders are so crooked. Big hug!

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  2. There are a few things I think a nation should have…
    – Healthcare for all (free or nominal fee) – this will require that you don’t overconsume. Healthcare should not be used for healthy but for those who are ill.
    – Free education all the way through university.
    – A system where you don’t need to register to vote. If you have the right to vote it can be automatic.
    – A fair and simple tax-system without loopholes.
    – Enough regulations to keep us safe, but not too much to strangle us.
    – Most important: a government that sees to the welfare for all citizens and not just the voters.

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  3. I feel for you Rebecca, why don’t apply to migrate to Australia? We have tough gun laws and an acceptable health care system as Cressida states; not only that you can choose the climate that suits you from tropical to temperate with snow if you need it!

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  4. I am not American but the rest of us puzzle at how as a first world wealthy nation you do not have a health care system for all. It denotes a contempt for the citizens. Also your lack of gun control and bans results in huge number of deaths every year. There must be so many who share your views so it is puzzling to understand how this is still happening.
    You all must keep fighting or find a way of throwing off the yoke of tyranny.

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    1. I think our government (house and senate, especially they keep all the good things from passing) want to keep most of us weak and guessing so they can keep their overpaid jobs. Our government doesn’t care for us it’s clear.


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