Walking Through Doors


Walking Through Doors

The doorway arrived in the nick of time
at the stroke of midnight before the first fireworks
wide open, brightly illuminated and full of promise
on the brink, I took my departure.

New doors open to us throughout life
some require keys before opening
some demand a pound or two of flesh
a lesson learned, an entrance earned.

Sometimes we balk at the opening
without realizing we’re on a new threshold
like not recognizing the dawn of a new day
letting that door slam shut in our faces.

Cooling our heals in the vestibule
aware and anxious to make our emergence
an unmarked exit opens to the unknown
that first step can be a real bitch!

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

So many doorways so little time. Written with my friends at Poets United for the prompt doorway(s).


22 thoughts on “Walking Through Doors

  1. Ha! Yes! That first step! Apprehension overrules hope–what is it they say? Better the known evil? I prefer “emergence,” but how often do I actually do it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I adore your words,
      “Women lean on doorways!
      Are they waiting, hesitating,
      or holding up the world?”
      such awesome writing! If we did the right thing at the right time life might not be so fun and surprising? Lmao!

      Hope your friend gets her surgery and recovers!


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